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Campus Stories

You and other remarkable individuals make up the University community.  All of us have followed unique paths and have had memorable experiences.  These campus stories connect us and provide a way to understand each other.  They highlight, inspire, and celebrate these Exceptional Educational Experiences.  Read and listen to these stories, and then share yours.

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Looking for ways to connect with peers? Stop into the Virtual Sill Center. The Virtual Sill Center is a digital space that lets you connect with other students as well as University staff and faculty, engage in text or voice chat while engaging with events or studying for classes.

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With everything happening on campus, how can you stay in the loop and find the events that fit your interests and academics? Here you can explore possibilities and find ways to get involved on campus—centered around your interests and desired learning outcomes. You will find events and involvement opportunities with tips for student success—both in-person and online.  


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Gen Con Online

Ongoing through 9/19/21

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9th and 9th Street Festival

Saturday, Sep 18 - 10am - 6pm

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Marmalade Jam Fest

Saturday, Sep 18 - 11am - 7pm


Experience Curators are students that find and compile events and educational involvement opportunities.
Find a curator to follow, and they'll start connecting you to events that align with your interests and academic goals.



Last Updated: 5/28/21